Robert Clubb and DogGreetings.  I’m Robert Clubb and this is my dog.  Welcome to our blog.

It won’t be updated as regularly as we’d like due to many conflicting priorities.  I have to work and my dog lacks opposable thumbs.  I also have an ongoing commitment issue.  The life of a dilettante is, by definition, an unpredictable one.

I have a wide range of interests, or rather a broadish but well-defined range of things that I like.  It includes the things mentioned in the strap line (dogs, technology, Scotland and life) as well as others which will become only too apparent if you make it to the end of even a single article.  This range of interests is curtailed primarily by the usual constraints of having to go out and earn money just to keep the boat afloat.  I am one of the ‘just about managings’ rather than the ‘cleaning up nicely thanks’.

This despite being at an age where my peers are pretty much handing in their dinner pails and going off to some chaumiere in Brittany to see out the autumn and winter of their lives.

My dog’s primary interests are sniffing things and peeing on things.

I should also say that the views expressed here are solely those of me and my dog and should not in any way be construed as being reflective of my current or past employers.  I will only rarely talk about work-related matters (IT security is my bag) but it’s inevitable that the odd reference will find a way past the perimeter controls.

Thanks for reading and do feel free to drop us a line via the comments section on one of our articles or the contact form here.

Happy reading.